Frequently Used Acronyms

Acronym Description Usage Details
20K Big Bang Bar, still in the box. Joke. The price isn't very funny, though.
24 24 - The Pinball    
6M$M Six Million Dollar Man    
6MDM Six Million Dollar Man    
8B Eight Ball    
8BD Eight Ball Deluxe    
904 904 Pinball 'Zine Magazine Jacksonville, Florida's pinball 'zine.
A13 Apollo 13    
AAB Add-A-Ball Location  
AAB Add-A-Ball Tech  
ACMAG MAGnetic Accelerator Tech From Demolition Man.
AFAIK As Far As I Know Forum  
AFM Attack from Mars    
AG Alvin G. & Co. Mfr  
AGB Al's Garage Band Goes On A World Tour    
AH3 Amazon Hunt III    
AI Artificial Intelligence Tech  
AIUI As I Understand/Understood It Forum  
AKA Also Known As Forum  
AMOA Amusement and Music Operators Association Group  
AP Austin Powers    
ASAP As Soon As Possible Forum  
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange Tech  
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit Tech WPC.
ASSY Assembly Tech  
B Billion Play  
BAPA Bay Area Pinball Association Group  
BB Backbox Tech  
BB Bang Back Play  
BB Bone Busters    
BBB Better Business Bureau Forum  
BBB Big Bang Bar    
BBBB Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball    
BBH Big Buck Hunter    
BC Bad Cats    
BD Big Dick Forum 199?, Fabulous Fantasies.
BDK Batman - The Dark Knight    
BF Batman Forever    
BFTK Battle For The Kingdom Play From Medieval Madness.
BG Backglass Tech  
BG Big Guns    
BH Big Hurt    
BH Black Hole    
BHHHC Black Hole/Haunted House Club Group 1994
BHZA Ben Heck's Zombie Adventureland Video Pinball  
BK Black Knight    
BK2000 Black Knight 2000    
BK2K Black Knight 2000    
BLY Bally Mfr  
BM Batman    
BOP The Machine: Bride of Pinbot    
BR Banzai Run    
BR Bike Race    
BRUSA Big Race USA Video Pinball  
BS Battle Simulation Play From Star Trek: The Next Generation.
BS BreakShot    
BSD Bram Stoker's Dracula    
BSM (Black Suit) Spider-Man    
BTTF Back to the Future    
BW Barb Wire    
BW Baywatch    
BW100 Black Water 100    
C1812 Class of 1812    
CAB Cabinet Tech  
CBW Cue Ball Wizard    
CC Cactus Canyon    
CC Caribbean Cruise    
CFTBL Creature From the Black Lagoon    
CH Car Hop    
CH Crocodile Hunter Video Pinball  
CJ Cactus Jack's    
CLK Clock Tech  
CMOS Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Tech  
CP Champion Pub    
CP Checkpoint    
CPU Central Processing Unit Tech  
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check Tech  
CRT Cathode Ray Tube Tech  
CS Checksum Tech  
CSI CSI:Crime Scene Investigation    
CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tech  
CV Cirqus Voltaire    
D&D Dungeons & Dragons    
DAC Drop-A-Card    
DCS Digital Compression System Tech WMS sound system.
DD Devil's Dare    
DD Dr. Dude    
DE Data East Mfr  
DE Dinosaur Eggs    
DE2 Dona Elvira 2    
DH Dirty Harry    
DK Dark Knight (The)    
DM Demolition Man    
DMD Dot Matrix Display Tech  
DMM Digital Multi-Meter Tech  
DOHO Documented Occurence of Hidden Objects Tech Cows. Easter Eggs. Fun things that take observation to spot.
DOHO Hidden reference to Scott Slomiany's wife DOris HO Forum In-joke.
DOS Disk Operating System Tech  
DS Death Save Play  
DS Deathsave Player  
DSP Digital Signal Processor Tech  
DT Drop Target Play  
DVM Digital Volt-Meter Tech  
DW Deadly Weapon    
DW Doctor Who    
EATPM Elvira and the Party Monsters    
EB Eight Ball    
EB Extra Ball Play  
EBC Eight Ball Champ    
EBD Eight Ball Deluxe    
EBDLE Eight Ball Deluxe - Limited Edition    
EBD-LE Eight Ball Deluxe - Limited Edition    
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Tech  
EG Exempli Gratia Forum for example
EGM Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine  
EK Evel Knievel    
EM Electro-mechanical Tech Non-electronic.
EOB End-Of-Ball Bonus Play  
EOS End-Of-Stroke Tech  
EOSS End-Of-Stroke Switch Tech  
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Tech  
ES Earthshaker    
F14 F14 Tomcat    
F-14 F-14 Tomcat    
F2K Flight 2000    
F6 Flip-VI    
FA For Auction Forum  
FAQ Frequently Asked Question or compilation thereof Forum  
FB Fireball    
FB NBA Fastbreak    
FF Final Frontier Play From Star Trek: The Next Generation.
FF Flipper Football    
FG Family Guy    
FG Flash Gordon    
FGY Family Guy    
FH Funhouse    
FP Firepower    
FP2 Firepower II    
FPII Firepower II    
FRANK Frankenstein    
FREDDY Freddy: A Nightmare On Elm Street    
FS Flintstones    
FS For Sale Forum  
FS Future Spa    
FSPA Free State Pinball Association Group  
FT Fish Tales    
FT For Trade Forum  
FWIW For What It's Worth Forum  
FYI For Your Information Forum  
G/P Gottlieb/Premier (manufacturer) Mfr  
GB Gigabyte Tech Also used in Johnny Mnemonic.
GC Golden Cue    
GC Grand Champion Play  
GE Goldeneye    
GI General Illumination Tech  
GI Gilligan's Island    
GIF Graphics Interchange Format ((c) Compuserve) Tech  
GMJ GameMaster's Journal (e-zine) Magazine E-Zine
GNR Guns N' Roses    
GP Grand Prix    
GS Game Show    
GTB Gottlieb (manufacturer) Mfr  
GW Gold Wings    
HD Harley-Davidson    
HD Harley-Davidson    
HD2 Harley-Davidson 2nd Edition    
HD3 Harley-Davidson 3rd Edition    
HH Haunted House    
HH Hollywood Heat    
HMM Heavy Metal Meltdown    
HRC High Roller Casino    
HS High Score Play  
HS High Speed    
HS2 High Speed II: The Getaway    
HS2 The Getaway: High Speed II    
HSII High Speed II: The Getaway    
HSII The Getaway: High Speed II    
HST High Score Table Play  
HTH Hope That Helps Forum  
HUO Home Use Only Tech  
I5 Indianapolis 500    
I500 Indianapolis 500    
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer but... Forum  
IC Integrated Circuit Tech  
ID4 Independence Day    
IE Id Est Forum that is
IFPA International Flipper Pinball Association Group  
IIRC If I Recall Correctly Forum  
IJ Indiana Jones    
IJ Indiana Jones    
IJ4 Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull    
IM Io Moon    
IM Iron Man    
IMHO In My Humble Opinion Forum  
IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion Forum  
IMO In My Opinion Forum  
INDY Indiana Jones    
INDY Indiana Jones    
INDY Indianapolis 500    
IPD Internet Pinball Database Website  
IPDB Internet Pinball Database Website  
IPP Internet Pinball Project Group  
IR Infra-red Tech  
IRC Internet Relay Chat Tech  
ISBN International Standard Book Number Forum  
JB Jack*Bot    
JCA James Cameron's Avatar    
JD Judge Dredd    
JM Johnny Mnemonic    
JP Jackpot Play  
JP Jurassic Park    
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group Tech  
JY Junk Yard    
K Thousand Tech  
KB Kilobyte Tech  
KK King Kong    
KOS Kings of Steel    
KP Kingpin    
KWIMV Know What I Mean, Vern? Forum  
LAH Last Action Hero    
LAI Leisure & Allied International Mfr  
LCD Liquid Crystal Display Tech  
LE Limited Edition Tech  
LED Light Emitting Diode Tech  
LiS Lost in Space    
LITZ Lost In The Zone Play From TZ.
LL Lower Left Tech  
LOL Laughing Out Loud Forum  
LOTR Lord of the Rings    
LR La Retata    
LR Lower Right Tech  
LW Lost World, The    
LW The Lost World: Jurassic Park    
LW3 Lethal Weapon 3    
M Million Play  
M90 Mundial 90    
MA Mario Andretti    
MA Mousin' Around    
MAV Maverick    
MB Megabyte Tech  
MB Monster Bash    
MB Multi-Ball Play  
MC Mystery Castle    
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface Tech  
MJ Michael Jordan    
MK Mortal Kombat Play Also refers to MK2, MK3, and MK4.
MM Medieval Madness    
MM Metal Man    
MNF Monday Night Football    
MONO Monopoly    
MPEG Moving Pictures Experts Group Tech  
MPU Main Processing Unit Tech  
MS Magna-Save(TM) Tech  
MSF Mary Shelly's Frankenstein    
MW Mushroom World    
NASCAR National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing    
NBAF NBA Fastbreak    
NF No Fear: Dangerous Sports    
NGG No Good Gofers    
NIB New In Box Tech Descriptive term
NLA No Longer Available Forum Descriptive term
NM Night Moves    
NNS New New Stock Tech Remade parts
NOS New Old Stock Tech Original parts
O1 Orbitor 1    
OEM Original Equipment Manufact'r Tech Official parts
OP Operator Forum  
OT Off Topic Forum  
OT Operation: Thunder    
OTOH On The Other Hand Forum  
OTT Over the Top Play on EM's when you 'roll' the score
P2K Pinball 2000 Tech  
PAPA Professional and Amateur Pinball Association Group  
PAPS Pinball Arcade Preservation Society Group  
PATZ Pinball at the 'Zoo Event Annual Pinball event held in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
PB Pinbot    
PB Playboy    
PB Playboy    
PB2K Pinball 2000 Tech  
PB35 Playboy 35th Anniversary    
PC Pinball Circus    
PCB Printed Circuit Board Tech  
PF Playfield Tech  
PF Police Force    
PIA Peripheral Interface Adapter Tech  
PITA Pain in the Ass (Arse) Play Derogatory term
PM Pinball Magic    
POA Path of Adventure Play From Williams Indiana Jones.
POA Pinball Owners Association (UK) Group  
POPEYE Popeye Saves the Earth    
POS Piece/Pile of sh*t   Used to describe the previous machine.
POS Piece/Pile of sh*t   Used to describe Stern Pinball's Big Buck Hunter Pro.
POS Piece/Pile of sh*t   Used to describe Stern Pinball's The Rolling Stones.
POS Piece/Pile of sh*t Tech  
POTC Pirates of the Caribbean    
POTO Phantom of the Opera    
PP Pistol Poker    
PP:TS Pro Pinball: Timeshock! (video pin) Video Pinball  
PP:TW Pro Pinball: The Web (video pin) Video Pinball  
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory Tech  
PS Pool Sharks    
PSTE Popeye Saves the Earth    
PtC Punchy the Clown    
PZ Party Zone    
QA Quality Assurance Tech  
QC Quality Control Tech  
QMB Quick Multi-Ball Play  
R&B Rocky & Bullwinkle    
R911 Rescue 911    
RAM Random Access Memory Tech  
RB The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends    
RBION Ripley's Believe It or Not    
RCT Roller Coaster Tycoon    
RF Royal Flush    
RFM Revenge From Mars    
RG Riverboat Gambler    
RG Rollergames    
RGP Rec.Games.Pinball Group  
RHPS Rocky Horror Picture Show Forum  
RIOT RAM/IO/Timer Tech  
RK Road Kings    
ROI Return on Investment Tech  
ROM Read Only Memory Tech  
ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Forum  
RPM Revolutions Per Minute Tech  
RS Road Show    
RS Rolling Stones    
RS Rolling Stones    
RTFM Read the Freakin' Manual Tech  
RTU Rule the Universe Play From Attack From Mars.
SA Shaq Attack    
SB A.G. Soccer-Ball    
SC Safe Cracker    
SCPA Steel City Pinball Association Group  
SDTLO Straight Down The Left Outlane Play  
SDTM Straight Down The Middle Play  
SDTO Straight Down The Outlane Play  
SDTRO Straight Down The Right Outlane Play  
SF Special Force    
SF2 Street Fighter II    
SFII Street Fighter II: Champion Edition    
SG Stargate    
SH Spy Hunter    
SI Space Invaders    
SJ Space Jam    
SJ Super Jackpot Play  
SJP Super Jackpot Play  
SLING Slingshot Tech  
SM Spider Man    
SM Spider-Man    
SMB Spider-Man (Black Suit)    
SMB Super Mario Bros.    
SMB-MW Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World    
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System Computer Gaming  
SnS Surf 'n' Safari    
SOF Swords Of Fury    
SOL Short Of Luck Play  
SOL Stroke of Luck Play From Attack From Mars.
SOTS Straight Out The Side Play  
SP South Park    
SPL Seattle Pinball League Group Formed 2009.
SPP Simpsons Pinball Party    
SS Scared Stiff    
SS Silver Slugger    
SS Skill Shot Magazine Seattle's Pinball 'Zine.
SS Slingshot Tech  
SS Solid State Tech  
SS Space Shuttle    
SS SuperSonic   Bally table.
SSO Sharkey's Shootout    
SST Starship Troopers    
SST Starship Troopers    
ST Star Trek    
ST Star Trek    
STDE Star Trek    
STDM Dyslexic version of SDTM Play The lead programmer does this occasionally too.
STTNG Star Trek: The Next Generation    
SW Star Wars    
SWE1 Star Wars Episode 1    
SWT Star Wars Trilogy    
SX Striker Xtreme    
T2 Terminator 2: Judgment Day    
T3 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines    
TAF The Addams Family    
TAFG The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition    
TCFPA Twin Cities Flipper Pin Association Group  
TF Title Fight    
TF Transformers    
TFTC Tales from the Crypt    
TI Tropic Isle (Gottlieb 1962)    
TIA Thanks In Advance Forum  
TLA Three Letter Acronym Forum  
TM Time Machine    
TM TradeMark Forum  
TM:BOP The Machine: Bride of Pinbot    
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles    
TO Tee'd Off    
TOM Theatre of Magic    
ToPL Toronto Pinball Association Group  
TOTAN Tales of the Arabian Nights    
TP Test Point Tech  
TPW Tommy Pinball Wizard    
TRPA Three Rivers Pinball Association Group  
TRS The Rolling Stones    
TS Pro Pinball: Timeshock! (video pin) Video Pinball  
TS The Shadow    
TS The Simpsons    
TS The Sopranos    
TSPP The Simpsons Pinball Party    
TTFN Ta-Ta For Now Forum  
TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic Tech  
TTM Tour The Mansion Play From Addams Family.
TTR Transporter - The Rescue    
TZ Twilight Zone    
UL Upper Left Tech  
UR Upper Right Tech  
USAF U.S.A. Football    
VA Vacation America    
VAPS Video Arcade Preservation Society Group  
VBAT Battery Voltage Tech  
VDC Volts Direct Current Tech  
VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display Tech  
VGA Video Graphics Array (or Video Gate Array) Tech  
VJ Vacation Jackpot Play From White Water.
VM Video Mode Play  
VND Viper Night Driving    
VPF Visual Pinball Forums Group Pinball forum dedicated to the Visual Pinball program.
VUK Vertical Up Kicker Tech  
W/L When Lit Play  
W?D Who ? Dunnit    
WC World Cup '90    
WChS World Championship Soccer (Gottlieb)    
WCS World Championship Soccer    
WCS World Cup Soccer    
WCS94 World Cup Soccer    
WD Who ? Dunnit    
WH2O White Water    
WMS Williams Mfr Now WMS Gaming.
WO Wipeout    
WOF Wheel Of Fortune    
WOW Term for added (extra) ball in add-a-ball games Play  
WOZ Wizard of Oz    
WPC Williams Pinball Controller Tech  
WPT World Poker Tour    
WSC World Soccer Challenge    
WTB Want To Buy Forum  
WTB Wanted To Buy Forum  
WTD Wanted Forum  
WTS Want To Sell Forum  
WTT Want To Trade Forum  
WTT Wanted To Trade Forum  
WW Waterworld    
WW Whirlwind    
WW White Water    
WW Whitewood Tech  
WWF World Wrestling Federation: Royal Rumble    
WWW World Wide Web Tech  
XB eXtra Ball Play  
XF X Files